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Do you wish to learn how to meditate more naturally and effortlessly? Looking to live your best life by empowering yourself with meditation?

With overwhelming demands and deadlines, and our failure to prioritize, modern life is now a synonym for stress. Despite doing too many things in too little time, we are dragging ourselves along without a real sense of accomplishment or purpose. 

The question is…are we too busy to take care of ourselves?

When your mind is calm, it is your most powerful tool to heal and restore the whole body. This makes you capable of achieving all your dreams in life.

Meditation is not a difficult thing to do. But it takes discipline and guidance to make the most of it. 

So, if you’re wondering “how to start meditating daily” or “How do I find time to meditate?”, you may find your answers in our FAQ section here. 

Meditation FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions – The Panch Kosha

What is meditation?

Meditation is a practice that involves training your mind to have focused attention and awareness for nurturing your mental, and emotional health and overall well-being.  It’s a codified ancient system given to us by our ancestors. 

There are several meditation techniques for beginners that can help you awaken your true nature so you can find the pure joy, love, bliss, balance, and peace that already exist within you.

Where did meditation come from?

Meditation, a practice that dates back to the Vedic periods (5000 to 3500 BCE), has been linked to our holistic health benefits. Originating from India, the practice has reached across the world touching millions of lives over several centuries.

Is meditation relevant in today’s world?

It is observed that people who meditate are usually happier, calmer and more focused than those who don’t.

The restorative effects of meditation and mindfulness are now being confirmed in studies using modern imaging technologies like MRI or EEG. The simple relaxation strategies used while meditating can actually rewire the physical brain. It works to heal conditions such as high blood pressure, depression, anxiety and pain and much more. So, it is very relevant in today’s world. 

What do you do exactly in meditation?

Meditation exercises can be something as simple as just sitting comfortably and focusing on your breath for a few minutes. Some advanced meditation techniques may include chanting mantras while following specific patterns of breathing.  

What is the goal of meditation?

Our mind always tends to wander even when we’re doing nothing. Not all thoughts are very constructive or helpful. Most of the time we are either thinking about the past or the future. The idea behind meditation is to calm down the thought processes (not to stop all thoughts) and refocus the mind towards healthy spiritual stimuli. 

By avoiding distracting,  harmful thoughts (obsession, worries etc.), you can engage in mindfulness and fully indulge in the richness of the present moment. The primary goal is to promote better body-mind integration. 

Our online meditation classes for beginners are conducted with an experienced trainer to achieve this goal. 

How do you know you’re making progress in meditation?

The best way to understand if you’re making any progress is by watching out for these common signs. 

  • Your sleep has improved. 
  • You are not pushing yourself any longer, rather, you have eased yourself into the practice.
  • You feel less stressed and less worried than before. 
  • You are more in control of your thoughts and emotions instead of letting them control you
  • You find pleasure even in simple things in life, like everyday chores. 
  • You are beginning to look at stressful situations in a different way. 
  • Overall, you’re more at ease with yourself and the world around you.  

Remember, there are no definitive milestones to reach. It is the little improvements that you make every time you meditate, come together to create a wonderful rich journey towards optimal health and wellness. 

How much do meditation classes cost in India?

The usual package prices for meditation online classes can be influenced by factors like session length and whether it’s an individual or group meditation session. For more information, please DM us on our Instagram page (the link is provided below).

Am I meditating the wrong way?

There are generally no right or wrong experiences or ways to meditate. Even when you learn meditation online you don’t have to stick to any strict instructions. So, don’t worry about being “good” or “bad” at meditation. 

That being said, it’s also important to do any kind of meditative or integrative practices under proper advice and expert supervision to enjoy maximum results. 

What is the best way to learn to meditate?

Meditation is something so simple and easy that anyone can do it. The key to learning how to meditate effectively is to find the style that works best for you. 

There are different types of practices including Chakra Meditation, Kundalini Meditation etc. To find the  “best” or “most effective” type according to your preferences and needs, you may want some expert guidance by signing up for some reliable online yoga and meditation classes.

What type of meditation is good for beginners?

If you’re just starting out, it is recommended to have an expert gently and systematically guide you step-by-step through the meditative state. 

What should I think while meditating?

The purpose of meditation is not to engage in overthinking. It’s not that the mind will be completely blank. There will still be some thoughts, but with certain techniques, you can learn to be more aware of them. You can channelize your thoughts and feelings in the right direction. When the mind is clear and focused enough, positive thoughts will follow. 

Participants in meditation sessions online may be guided through the process using mental imagery (imagining a peaceful scenario) or told to concentrate on an object or sound. 

Can I learn meditation online?

Yes! At the Panch Kosha, we strongly encourage you to learn meditation online. 

With our expert-guided online meditation classes on zoom you can learn how to meditate without leaving the comfort of your home. 

What are the benefits of meditation?

Scientific research has shown that meditation can actually change the brain. 

The deep state of peace and relaxation you gain through mindfulness classes online, can benefit you in many ways. 

  • Relieves stress 
  • Decreases anxiety and negative emotions 
  • Reduces risk of depression 
  • Improves attention and working memory
  • Enhances self-awareness and ability to live in the present 
  • Increases patience and optimism 

On a biological level, meditation actually works by turning off the sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for increasing heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure. It activates the parasympathetic nervous system. 

As a result, our body experiences a state of relaxation, and relaxation promotes healing. 

How long does it take for meditation to change the brain?

The exact time required by meditation to bring desired changes in the brain functions is not yet known. 

The findings, however, suggest that eight weeks of meditation sessions can be sufficient to help you see the results, i.e., gain better emotional health and sharpen your mind. 

Is meditation hard for beginners?

You may find it difficult only when you are not certain what to expect during the process and why you are doing it. Sitting for 10 minutes without doing anything may seem to be hard for a beginner. The moment you realize you’re again trapped in the mind’s chatter, you have to learn to let it go. This can be as simple as doing a gentle stretching exercise. But again, it takes discipline and a bit of time. 

Where can I study meditation in India?

To study yoga and meditation, you do not have to quit your job/study or hamper your daily routine. Whether you need an introduction to meditation or looking for advanced knowledge, finding a trained meditation teacher online is not as difficult as you might think. 

At The Panch Kosha, we are committed to transforming lives through the best online meditation courses. You can enroll for the training from wherever you are, whenever you want, and still complete the beginners’ program in a couple of weeks.  

Join from anywhere in the world to recharge your mind and soul. 

We hold a variety of online meditation retreats and online meditation events that could easily fit into your day-to-day life.

What is the average cost of meditation classes?

Please refer to this question

How can I learn spirituality in India?

India is a holy land where many ancient spiritual scholars, yogis and saints have imparted their knowledge and blessings to learners.  In India spirituality is not only a concept, it’s a way of life, deep-rooted in the cultural heritage. 

Yoga, meditation and spirituality are deeply connected to one other. 

Yoga’s meaning is not limited to stretching to strengthen our muscles and bones. Nor meditation means just sitting quiet on a mat with closed eyes. Yoga and meditation cover various aspects of our spiritual wellbeing and holistic health. 

Meditation is closely associated with enhancing spiritual intelligence.  It’s the kind of faculty that allows you to realize your most authentic self (your soul). This is how you can unlock happiness and fulfillment from deep within. 

Please drop into one of our live, online guided meditation classes to see how it’s done. 

Where can I find a meditation teacher in India?

Join the Panch Kosha online yoga and meditation classes to learn a variety of methods orientated towards physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 

Being a seasoned meditation practitioner and an industry expert, our trainer will suggest necessary variations in the available styles to suit your unique mind. 

The aim of our meditation sessions online is not to focus on a particular symptom but to help you achieve wholeness in health.  

Does meditation increase IQ?

Yes! There is growing evidence that shows that meditation can increase your intelligence and enhance cognitive abilities (e.g., memory, learning, attention). A clear improvement in IQ has been found in students who meditated. 

So, meditating regularly is one of the ways you can find your true potential not only spiritually but also intellectually. 

How long does it take to master meditation?

How long you will need to master this activity depends on how long you have been attending your sessions and how often you meditate. Generally having a daily session of about 10-15 minutes and continuing the same for a couple of weeks, you can gain a deeper understanding and practical experience of its key benefits. 

What is a mantra during meditation?

Mantra is a Sanskrit word, a word or sound repeatedly chanted or hummed by someone who is praying or meditating. A mantra can help you concentrate more so you can fully explore the wonderful depths of meditation. For example, you might be required to repeat some syllables with spiritual the “om”. 

What is Vipassana meditation technique?

Vipassana is a kind of mindfulness meditation technique. The main objective is to observe your thoughts and emotions in a gentle, yet thorough way as you let go of self-judgment. 

An expert meditation teacher online can explain how to breathe through your nose slowly and mindfully to enter a powerful meditative state where you might have a blissful union with your inner self. 

How much does a personal yoga instructor cost in India?

A reputed meditation teacher online will usually offer a comprehensive mix of yoga training, pranayama, healing, meditation and much more.

For the average price of yoga and meditation online classes, please refer to this question.  

How do I start learning meditation?

Please refer to this question

Can I teach myself meditation?

Many relevant books and tutorials are available today which makes learning to meditate on your own totally possible. However, if you’re new to meditation and want some real, safe, tangible results, it is recommended that you join a meditation retreat or learn from an expert meditation teacher.  

You don’t need any previous experience to start meditating. You can start anytime by joining an active online meditation group or individual meditation session. 

Interested in The Panch Kosha? Come, enjoy a direct, personalized, unique and sublime experience through live meditation online classes.

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